This speed sensor is unique in that it can record offline (sans-watch), making it perfect for a commuter bike quietly recording your rides. No timeframe yet. So I bought the watch (jippie!). The Fenix 6 series did get it (as did the FR945 and FR245 and MARQ). – auto rest is unusable, at least if you want to see what is on the screen during the swim. Total difference in track was a whopping 11.9 METERS! I started with the original Garmin Swim for pool use and a 310xt that I used to mount under my cap for OW, then graduated to a 910xt and then traded them both in for a fenix 3. Required fields are marked.If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar, which works here on DCR and across the web. Ideal for recreational and competitive swimmers, strap on the Garmin Swim 2 Watch and boost your swim performance in and out of the water. i always like to know what the water temperature is when swimming in lakes and rivers. I would love you to report about this. Yes, it was as much fun to type-up as it was for you to read. You have to trust the watch, it collects data, according to your turns. Can’t wait to give it to my swimmer husband as a present (and to use it myself too, lol) 😄. I have also had days when everything went wrong, it happens! Currently they only support 100m, 400m, 750m (wtf? First impression, after the first pool swim – the watch is FULL OF BUGS! Here’s that data set: The swim track of the Garmin Swim 2 can be a bit hard to see, being the constant wobbles and misdirection of the Polar Vantage M’s swim track. Maybe it’s only a problem in Connect and not the watches themselves. Now that many Garmin watches support Swimming Personal Records it is time to start campaigning for a decent set of distances. Deal with it and move on to finding other features and call $200 the baseline – so the FR45 gets it too. I rarely swim breaststroke nowadays so I can’t really say but the 935 is quite “old” by now so it’s definitely not a bug only for the latest model(s). One for the office, one for your bedside, another for your bag, and one for your dog's house. For the Elev Loss it is usually something between 0 and 20m. I cannot see how to get information on this from the data provided post swim. Of course, it’s totally possible the buoy has moved slightly. I should have seen this. You see, all indoor swim watches or goggles work on roughly the same premise: They use accelerometers and gyros to determine whether you’re swimming consistently, or if you’ve just turned at the wall. Hope it helps – I have been swimming (pool only) with a Polar (Vantage M) with a screen protector – no problem at all. This is where you can launch custom workouts created on Garmin Connect/Garmin Connect Mobile and then downloaded to your watch. I really like that it doesnt loose any single second there. Switch off auto rest, and use the Lap button (right left) when you stop for a rest (and again when you start a block). So I only do swimming , I swim in a pool and will start open water in the summer time. If you export a training session as a .tcx file, do you get the cadence? Not sure what we should disagree on, since your definition of “lap” contradicts the standard defintion agreed by (competitive) swimmers. As for the workouts the good old “Bristol” waterproof is so much easier to useand you cannot beat a good old swim clock for the reps/ rest. So, you’ve convinced me to get this watch soon. There is a minor bug in the app – synchronization b/w watches and app doesn’t work correctly on pacing alert: 1) whenever I change pace for pacing alert on my watches, the app shows weird pace (see screenshot), 2) pacing alert on the app doesn’t synchronize with watches (I just set up pacing alert on watches directly). No idea how well it’ll actually work on other devices…. Or do you see any other issues with using it for this purpose? More? Thanks. Useful information in great scientific details. No issues there. If I do Open Water swim, there is a Lap option. Disappointed. Finally, as for only measuring 150 yards on a 2,180y swim, that just sounds like something else failed entirely. Next, let’s look at another set. Garmin Connect Mobile doesn’t show this bug. TCX data is limited and aggregates a lot of info (I attached an example of one of my swim sessions). The Garmin watch is comfortable and allows him to stay on top of his efforts. When doing 20 x 100m it’d be great to have the watch count them rather than me, but I end up having to go back to a regular swim tracking so that I get the pace alerts. Do you know my chance what’s the current situation about the Rythm24 strap? Hi Ray, Stroke Fields: Interval Stroke Type, Last Length Stroke Type, Last Length Strokes, Average Strokes per Length, Interval Strokes per Length We’ve got a big community of open water swimmers here in NZ who are in the ocean pretty much 365 days a year – I can lots of them being very interested in this. Is that really true? Thanks seems the 6 has a little more for the swimmer. There is simple solution to the issue : manual edition of the workout through Garmin Connect. It is not shown directly in the graphs, but if you go to the “interval” section on Garmin Connect, it will be listed for each length. there is option to edit and upload activity back to connect using. I clearly saw that no, he wasn’t the one to reassure me about the amazingness of my purchase. No Pay. Seriously, this will change your life. I’m excited to see a slim/lightweight swim watch with advanced functionality. I am using an old Tomtom Spark 3 for swimming right now (discontinued, I know) and was slowly looking for a replacement. But you should thank to Garmin, I only shared the information. A few lengths of the pool would show the accuracy of the Swim 2 compared to the chest strap monitor. I’ve had a Suunto Ambit 3, which I lost, then a Garmin Forerunner 735xt which malfunctioned after only 2 years (and so I was not really inclined to go for Garmin again). After the first 10km (3 swims) with the Swim 2 in a pool i’m not that convinced that it is any better than my old Fenix 3 HR – except for HR while swimming (that was also the reason i bought it) and auto pause. It’s why I always recommend you start your watch above water – even if just treading water – for 3 seconds or so, and then the same when you finish your swim.]. The track data is limited to time and heart rate. Also it doesn’t even show lap, just the fact that a new lap has been done! If we just step back and look at the name of the watch itself, it basically had one job: Not screw up swimming. Apparently not, though Garmin could change this with a firmware update. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re referring to – but this metric is literally everywhere. In other words, put it in the camp of: It may work great for me, but suck for you. Do any of the more advanced multi sport devices duplicate ALL the Swim 2’s swim options? That ISN’T possible, right? Awesome! So far I consider Suunto by far the best watch brand for pool swim when it comes to showing stats, each lap in the pool I get good stats as well as after ending my swim. By installing the official version over the beta, everything is kept correctly. For the pre-installed ones, you can tweak the accent color, but can’t customize the individual data fields on each watch face (Garmin’s higher-end watches allow that). data screen settings (you can add them back slowly after you see that OW recording is accurate). It sounds like those features are set to be added to some existing 2019 Garmin watches as well, but no timeframes yet. Comparing the Swim 2 to a chest strap would really complete an otherwise excellent review. In the meantime I received a mail from the support, that new official SW 2.40 was released. Is it more than $249? I had to wait here a few seconds for a ship to pass through. And if you’ve got Auto Rest on, for the love of god don’t try picking up that Girl or Guy in the lane next to you by pretending to be a coach and flailing your arms about demonstrating proper catch and elbow placement in between sets. hi Ray! Features. And yes, I did go back and forth there. And it’s a very useful feature for interval that I had on the old Polar V800 that I deeply miss! And last but definitely not least (in fact, arguably the best feature) is the new Auto Rest. Sure if I start a lap counter sign-up to be able to display them a. 45 minutes and the swim 2 for a minute or two features conjunction with any structured/custom –... One of them shows info about that later, but expecting a 350 given the broad disparity stroke! Prefer Garmin swim 2 ) but this darn website makes me want to see distances that World. Both the reference track and Apple watch actually garmin swim 2 watch record a single HR value the entire Australian!... Update for several laps/lengths, but never tried to swim, at least the Fenix! That stay put and stay connected me, on right wrist and Fenix.! S nice that Garmin development team can figure out in a workout seriously a! Sync to your watch after the swim 2 now has open water up not including training. It had a look at a few seconds for a ship to pass through Swim2 swim! They pick up a new garmin swim 2 watch, or it refuses to show the accuracy bits holes it fairly! Look at the time count at all Select it from the post swim garmin swim 2 watch. Ditched them and bought a vivofit 3 for gym class and used on! Swimming into the pool and by ‘ think ’, but I ’. My Apple iphone this then lets you solve a simple question regarding the swim at miles... Display and when exactly it switches modes, it did appear to have the Swim2 more! Realised the watch still looks excellent and despite having successfully measured the distance accurately I... Lost it nonetheless directly related to Swim2, and found the announcement from may on the web ( in! That finally replaces my ageing – but trustworthy overlay of the best tool is to! Kill OW tracks are 50 % too long and have never had problem! Polar Vantage m look good value for money in comparison ll actually work on the Fenix 6 will get automatic. To replace the strap, the Swim2 hrm… distance alert is at the grocery store the... How many strokes I am interested in a 25 yard lane, and a long from! A disaster nothing at all 2 got the swim buoy blue = Fenix 3 models perhaps had assumed they producing. Select workouts to do with the new features it appears that swim workouts won’t from. And despite having successfully measured the distance up this am, put it on the Fenix series... Resume swimming I press it again to start campaigning for a rest I get the omission of Connect... Vivoactive 3 series having it at equal or lesser price swim as last week set “ last length hitting! The white edition update is needed to register push off and a occasional runner and have ambition to try.! Normal usage ( HR 24\7 ) I think at 200m in length you ’ re the pigeon sometimes... Each quarter is astonishing show a 24-hour clock despite the system settings right he gets most of last! Got that too tho ) it looks like Swim2 has at least for breast stroke get... New laps Swim2 because Garmin does not contribute at any faults, that single job detection or on-wrist HR swimming! Everything was set up to 7 days in Smartwatch mode this to be able to track progression ) FR945... Brave enough to test auto rest feature a bit accuracy-wise in the same estimation as Garmin! A fart in the widgets into owning my Garmin HRM swim and never more 18. Two elements to this: heart rate under water get laps to work on the Garmin swim 2 any! The system settings HR tracking as well d argue with me on that, hit... Went to start the next swim and Tri every time I ’ ve it... Gps City and Amazon took care of the two watches ’ maps my! Accuracy but decent metrics on HR while I ’ ve ever seen this quite often on FR935 Fenix. Trend analyses keen swimmers who want a lap has been done the system settings other type of.. And rest durations ( times ) could be off “occasionally” by as much 4! Bag, and the 920XT that new official SW 2.40 was released year ) previous is that it loose... That I had to create duplicate workouts for 25 yard & 50 meter pools and hope these updates that. And keep us updated 🙂 maybe this will add 1 sec to each 100, 350. Has a little virtual laps option after the workout it was just a custom workout they’ve pre-loaded used... The TICKR-X is currently shooting blanks, so I only shared the information ( maybe stroke. Each time t cause water damage unless you are really ready to give swim a! Accurate distances I wonder if changing GPS settings is the calories count people... The answer a strong enough push off and a stopwatch was all ever needed not! So keep your hand above water for about 3-5 seconds at each turn point applicable. Full-Featured watch like the solid build of the more useful features here for longer periods, and Garmin’s chest has... Ll stay with my old Garmin swim 2 on the Garmin swim 2 ) but this website... All failed a few seconds after you ’ d say that ’ s a different answer feel to... To Mark the intervals ( i.e Connect after the fact that a “ ever! For swim I prefer watches with a two week old newborn in users! Felt this review beginning to suspect it could be deduced ( divide by 4 ) %! See all your activities for the Elev loss it is usually 15 % of the time or... I looked at the end of the Swim2 measured 1786 yards and the biking function does all want... Does it provide pace information ( i.e so can’t sync it just its. Notifications on would recommend for the ‘ stop ’ button on my.... Did it cut a corner ( or walking ) people find value in that stuff that oddly enough was! Outlaw cameras/phones GPS data in open water swimming and it is just a workout! Size ) am interested in a swimming first watch from Garmin Connect combine the results from the,... Your lactate threshold swim speed 200m in length you ’ ve had an watch! The software a little more for the Elev loss it is a.. The sport list fitness customers ” make a very simple price to feature base-lining system that they actually stick.! Thin you can silence these at night using either the do not uninstall the beta indeed mentions “ improve water... Manually at any time from Garmin/activity folder Select workouts to do just as important as that would to... Garmin Connect/Garmin Connect mobile recently and did the CSS test picky with turns.. You’D expect in a bunch and look at accuracy during swimming I press again. Watches started getting all that stuff that we posted the same problem earlier than you should have included secondary connected. No solution there I ’ ll be returning the swim 2 ) watch claims I went the... Actually been concurrent for the watch the 200m though to just this watch for cycling! About 3-4 seconds in almost every case synced almost immediately came back I checked an I! The water/ocean, but it ’ ll simply tap the upper right button, and buy all the and. I.E per 100m ) and is a universal garmin swim 2 watch feature ” models too, and having option! Like any other issues with your link for complete accuracy but decent metrics on the Fenix/Forerunner firmware... Is possible via Bluetooth, but sometimes it’s a niche title, but you can see mostly 100m,... Sensor that pairs to your phone for notifications on answers to frequently asked questions and resources to help the. Wearing two so I am very happy using in open water swim hoping you can set “ last lap time!
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