Backhand Smash. Those two maneuvers involve different movements entirely and serve a different purpose. It can be played straight shot or as a crossover shot. Victor Axelsen of Denmark has been working on his backhand smashes and I believe it’s the new birth of the backhand smash. The backhand clear and backhand drop is similar to the forehand badminton clear and forehand badminton drop shot, except that you use your backhand stroke instead of your forehand.But it also can be used as an offensive shot in certain situations — for example, when you get the chance to strike with a backhand smash at the front of the court. When your opponent clears the shuttle to your backhand area, always try to hit it with a Forehand shot. Maybe because most people think that the badminton smash is the ‘coolest’ shot.Always remember the objectives of a smash…Apart from that, smash ONLY when you arrive quickly at the shuttle. The three key steps are the preparation, the shot and the recovery. To fire in here are three ways on how to smash in badminton step by step for beginners. Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by Budi, May 22, 2020. Badminton Smash Shot. - Lead and shift your weight to your racket foot. This video is designed for newcomers to the sport of badminton. If you ‘slice’ the bird, the bird isn’t going to go anywhere for a clear. The backhand drive shot is hit hard on a horizontal or slightly downward path, usually played down the side-lines of the court, reducing the opponent's attacking options. Torsion Vs Torque..whats the difference . The Smash Up resource contains 25 pages of content that covers most types of shot and provides some tactical problems for pupils to solve. Increase your Smash Speeds - faster shuttle velocity - We explain Technique vs Ratio Hitting and the T.O.D. - Adopt the backhand grip. I also find an important factor is the contact of the bird with your racquet face. Don't forget to watch the forehand smash technique in the Badminton Program. It actually has to do with the anatomy of the body and the greatest potential to return a smash. Don't forget to watch the forehand smash technique in the Badminton Program. The backhand allows for a much greater range of movement, covering both the forehand and backhand sides as well as body smashes. Pin Point Accuracy. Having a weak backhand leaves open an easy section of the court for opponents to consistently exploit. Take your position: In general, the backhand smash is a bit hard to defend. Largely there are three ways of executing a badminton smash technique, Forehand, Backhand and Jumping smash. Interest. Master The Backhand Smash . The smash can be performed both with your forehand and your backhand. Related Pages. About the videos. If you only play badminton for fun, you might not realize that there's more to it than hitting the shuttlecock (also called a "birdie") back and forth across the net. This is because the elbow is in a much more natural position to play defensive shots. 13 Mar. The badminton smash is the most offensive of the badminton shots. Taufik Hidayt was the defacto backhand king. Backhand Smash in Badminton. Abstract [[abstract]]The purpose of this study was to analyze the kinematical variables of the badminton players when they were performing forehand and backhand net smashes. The smash shot is hit with power and speed downward into the opponent's court. Here are some pointers for playing a backhand overhead smash. The backhand smash in badminton. we show you how! The badminton backhand shot is particularly difficult to master for many players. - Turn your body so that your back is facing the net. It’s been a while since the sport of badminton has seen another great backhand smash. Backhand smash. Because it’s hard to add power to the hit when you are in the backhand position, a smash with medium power can only be performed from the midline. All strokes can be played either forehand or backhand. The badminton smash is considered the most powerful shot in badminton and is usually played on the forehand. It is not to be confused with the backhand drive table tennis technique, nor the backhand topspin technique. Why is backhand important in badminton? I … Step 1 - The preparation. The variables of forehand smash and backhand smash during contact are shown in table 1 and graph 1, 2 and 3 as followed. The initial velocity of the forehand smash was 67.00 m/s, the initial velocity of the backhand smash was 52.57 m/s. The downward angle … How to grip the racquet while playing a backhand smash? Backhand smash is a smash in real sense. A player's forehand side is the same side as his playing hand: for a right-handed player, the forehand side is his right side and the backhand side is his left side. - Lift your arm from the shoulder with the forearm parallel to the floor. The table tennis backhand smash, however, is in a league of its own. If played properly, there is not much that can be done against a backhand smash. Consistent Power. If you want to know a bit more about this shot, for example how to increase the power of your smash, you can check our badminton smash post, where we explain, between other things, the key to a powerful smash. In this article, I will talk you through the mechanics of how to play a backhand clear in badminton, splitting it into several stages. Like most badminton shots, a smash can be performed with both the forehand and backhand. Players usually struggle to play this shot correctly. On the other hand, in singles, it is used more sparingly, whenever the player sees an opportunity to finish the rally or wants to put pressure on the opponent. Why is it so difficult? Biomechanical analysis of badminton forehand and backhand net smash strokes in Taiwan badminton players . It is often difficult to return because of the pace and the downward angle of the shot, think of it as a downwards drive. It is best used when the shuttle is high in the air so that it can be angled downwards. How to Smash in Badminton. Here we demonstrate and explain the backhand smash and forehand smash shots. Forehand Smash Technique. The Technique For The Backhand Clear In Badminton. Then, you need to switch to a backhand grip along with pointing your body at the backside of the court. By 潘光敏 and Kuang-Ming Pan. PBF Pakistan Badminton Federation. A forehand smash is an overhead smash that a player hits with all the tempo downwards. See videos on DuckduckGo search. In doubles, it is the default shot whenever you are in an attacking formation. Nov 24, 2017 - Master your skills in smash by learning how to hit a backhand smash. Master your skills in smash by learning how to hit a backhand smash. Royal Badminton Club. in the backhand smash. Hold your racket in a panhandle grip fashion. This is because your coaches and mentors . When Should You Use the Overhead Badminton Backhand Clear? Badminton offers a wide variety of basic strokes, and players require a high level of skill to perform all of them effectively. The badminton forehand smash. Unlike a net kill (GC014 link), a badminton smash requires a great deal of power and is a move which can easily kill of the rally and win you points. Only when you’re forced to! Not recommended for the newbie! Forums > Badminton Central Discussion Forums > Techniques / Training > Backhand Smash. While it is possible to cover that weak court area with a forehand shot, it usually requires more steps to get there to execute the forehand. Is there some kind of technique like grip position, or something to perform a backhand smash? Or some different muscle to train? The backhand smash is one of the most difficult shots to play in the game of badminton. Technique vs Racket skills - which should you use -. Players will even specifically target your backhand so here are some badminton backhand drills to improve your backhand… There is almost no defense against a well executed smash. I’d always prefer hitting a Forehand Shot whenever my opponent hits the shuttle to my backhand area. I’ve seen him use it at least 4-5 times … Everything from badminton to full-sized tennis has their version of the backhand smash, each with dozens of videos. The smash is used when an opponent returns the shuttle high but short. This Key Stage 4 Badminton England Smash Up Resource provides a range of modern Badminton challenges ideally suited to Key Stage 4 Pupils (aged 14-16). Sports Club. Badminton Training And Much More. Backhand Smash. by Tony Tam. So, by practicing this trick you may earn some points easily. Use a backhand grip. ... Now i prefer using the turn of the wrist rather than actually using my arm unless if it’s a forced smash. There’s no point smashing if you can’t get into position in time.A badminton smash is like a double edged sword, it’s difficult for your opponent to defend it. Backhand Masterclass....The Correct Axioms . 7 Common Causes of a Poor Badminton Backhand Clear and How To Correct Them. The backhand is all about technique, not strength and it’s this technique is what many players struggle with. The backhand Smash in Badminton. In this video you will learn how to hit a backhand drive. For making a backhand smash, you need to get down and behind the shuttlecock. want you to not get lazy and use your backhand when you can use your forehand since the forehand will always be stronger than the backhand. Badminton backhand is considered one of the difficult shot to master in badminton, if you are struggling with you weak backhand or don’t know how to make a badminton backhand then in this article i will tell you step by step about how to play a backhand clear in badminton. This shot is played with backhand grip and full follow-through of the racket holding arm; it generates sheer power in the shot and makes the shuttle travel from one half of the court to the other in not time. Smash over 400kph! 1. But there are definitely situations where you will be forced into use your backhand. Which is why mastering both grips is of utmost importance! Jump smash shot Table: 1 kinematics differences between forehand and backhand smash of badminton players. Joined: Feb 10, 2019 Messages: 971 Likes Received: 345 Location: Indonesia. Skills: Smash/Jump Smash Backhand Drop Shot Clear Shot Shot Control Exercise (4) Backcourt 2-point vs 4-point Badminton Drill Series: Chen Weihua Badminton Training - Episode 34 However, it can surprise your opponent if they did a weak hit beforehand and get you a winning point. Organization. Badminton Smash is the most potent of all badminton shots. The backhand is definitely the most difficult badminton technique! Budi Regular Member. 19,255 Views. Use the Backhand Clear only when you can’t get into position in time for the Forehand Stroke. The smash is probably the most attacking shot in badminton and if executed well it is probably the most difficult shot to return, just because of the pace and direction put on the shuttle.