HAPI recommends two excellent resources for answering every question found here and likely every other question you’ll have about homeschooling. The European Union is an amalgam of International Socialism (Communism), National Socialism (Nazism/Fascism) - the heart of the system - with an outward veneer of Social Democracy and the 'New Liberalism' -the illusion of democracy - it is not classical libertarianism - it is a totalitarian state with a layer of democracy to give it legitimacy in the eyes of the uneducated and uninformed; 3. They are now dealing with professionals who are organising. 3. Indeed, in the case of Sweden, for example, the education authority’s argument for very tightly regulated homeschooling is based on children’s rights to be taught an objective and science-based curriculum, by professional teachers. I know I just recently wrote about the German School System, but a 2009 German court decision on homeschooling put that unique aspect of German education in the spotlight. Both of these are socialist government initiatives. Paul Belien, the editor of that site, is himself being harassed by the Belgian government as a homeschooler with unacceptable political views. It's about democracy (not what we see in the system today which is a sham) vs. dictatorship (which is pretending to be 'democratic'). And whilst we absolutely must present an educational case (because that's what we're chiefly about), we must not be so naïve as I initially was in thinking that we can avoid getting our fingers dirty in the political pie. „Obwohl die HSLDA nicht ausschließlich christliche Homeschooler vertritt, legitimiert sie weitgehend das eigene Handeln anhand der göttlich in- Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. Home education can be allowed only in “exceptional circumstances” like extreme bullying, Neuman explained. They are all European National Socialist Federalists - in a word, Fascists. “Most will not accept the new law. Any other homeschool parents know of a Biblically sound science curriculum that teaches a flat Earth that is 6000 years old? The Swedish Government, the group says, "is making homeschooling illegal, for religious or philosophical reasons, thus showing off its worst totalitarian socialist roots". But for the families involved, it’s a big deal. So I have had to conclude that the reason homeschooling has been banned has been for ideological/ religious reasons. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. All the mainstream political parties in Sweden (including the 'Conservatives') are European Federalist because all are socialist (see Fascism in Slow Motion), just as they are in the United Kingdom now and elsewhere in Europe (see my Introduction to the Politics Page); 4. However, I am anything but insane. When it goes into effect next year, the entire educational system will be transformed, and alternative education abolished. American , British , Australian , German, Swiss , French kennel clubs, and welfare organizations recommend crates as a training tool for new puppy owners. It's our fundamental human right and we are never going to surrender it. ALL THE SWEDISH MAINSTREAM POLITICAL PARTIES BELIEVE THE SAME THING ESSENTIALLY. That rational scientific discussion on the proven workability and success of homeschooling internationally would prevail - the government refused to discuss anything; It is not illegal. Since Swedish education law was revised in 2010 to only allow homeschooling under "extraordinary circumstances," Swedish authorities have consistently denied any parents approval for … There are, conversely, a number of European countries where homeschooling is illegal. But the battle is not over. As Czech President and libertarian statesman Václav Klaus points out, the Anglo-Saxon nations have been the great thorn in the Europeists' side, though Britain has begun to be neutralised. Among them: It was rushed, and the Supreme Court’s advisory council criticism was not properly taken into account. While the Education Bureau encourages families to notify them if they are homeschooling to keep tabs on kids' education, it is not required, nor is there an official application. No such comparible party exists in Sweden yet and probably won't until Swedes wake up to what's happening to them. “When looking at Sweden’s constitutional laws for the defense of individual rights against state power eager pursuit, there is nothing at all,” he said. Although home schooling had been practiced for generations in the United States, it was largely illegal during most of the 20th cent., but since the 1970s it has become one of the most rapidly growing educational trends in the nation. It is very strange to do this. American , British , Australian , German, Swiss , French kennel clubs, and welfare organizations recommend crates as a training tool for new puppy owners. There needs to be rules to what a Government can do. That the Swedish government actually was a democratic institition and cared about minorities - they didn't but arrogantly saw how tiny the homeschooling community was and trampled on our rights. Regulation of home schooling was already impossibly strict in Sweden, where, as reported recently by The New American, social service workers took a seven-year-old boy from his parents because he was being educated at home — even when it was technically legal. Had Labour survived, regulation would have been the thin edge of the wedge for Britain's 10,000 or so homeschoolers and would have led, farther down the line, to restrictions similar to those of Sweden up until 2010/11 and finally to a complete ban. The opposition parties in Parliament voted against the law for several reasons. The reasons were political and IDEOLOGICAL. My main findings are essentially as follows: 1. In 2010 Sweden passed a law (SFS 2010:800) that added further restrictions on homeschooling to an earlier law which was passed in 1985. Though protected by law in the European Union, the right to homeschool is totally ignored by the German government which persecutes homeschoolers just as Sweden is now beginning to do, and the EU courts simply turn a blind eye...so the Swedish Government thinks it can get away with banning a human right by hiding under Germany's wings Important HAPI terms to know; Are there requirements to become a homeschool teacher? These realisations required that I expand FreeSweden.net from being an exclusively educational website into a political one too, not because of a personal interest in politics (as I personally lost interest in it 20 years ago when I saw all the lies and corruption), but because the battle for homeschooling cannot possibly be won using educational arguments alone. Accordingly when the new Education Act was brought before parliament for discussion, some individual politicians in several parties (mostly the Centre and Christian Democrat parties) defended us. The issue is political. “[The Swedish Association of Home Education] ROHUS has vigorously, with its limited resources, worked to stop this new law since it was suggested,” ROHUS President Jonas Himmelstrand told The New American in an e-mail. Facebook ; Twitter; LinkedIn; There is a bit of a grey area, as homeschooling is not explicitly forbidden in Spanish legislation. “In Sweden it is possible for a human right to be abolished in Parliament based on prejudices and ignorance – this is exactly what we witnessed just now. We must make sure that the European Union, corrupt as it is, is made to honour its own homeschooling law without allowing countries like Germany (who still have the 1938 Nazi anti-homeschooling law in force) to bully the courts and twist it. 1. The homeschooling lobby wants to make parents’ rights even more powerful, which is why my article’s title talks of “parents’ rights absolutism.” They have taken the position that the United States should not ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child , which every other country in the world has ratified. “The situation may be brighter than it looks, as this year long struggle has shown that there is a small, but strong and intelligent, opposition to restricting home schooling in Sweden, and that this opposition has many international friends,” said Himmelstrand. Sweden is the only country in the history of Europe that has forbidden homeschooling under democratic rule - all the others have been openly communist or fascist dictatorships. That the the reasons the government and its bureaucracy wanted to eliminate homeschooling were on purely scientific-educational grounds, whilst being ignorant of what homeschooling was - they simply weren't interested and thought they knew everything; and. 3. We have barely begun. Because they did not want parents to teach their children any ideology apart from National Socialism. However, every state and province has its own laws regarding homeschooling and some are more “friendly” than others. Homeschool kids on average score higher than public school kids–and even on par with charter and private school kids. We shall, as I said, be making sufficient noise to see that they uphold their own plainly written law. Indeed, two courageous members of the Centre Party - Maria Kornevik Jakobsson and Karin Nilsson - tabled a motion proposing that homeschooling be made a statutory right (Motion 2009/10:Ub273 Rätten till hemundervisning). The court found that German authorities did not violate the parental rights of the Wunderlich family by forcing their children to attend school. The only thing home schooling does is creates antisocial children, gives abusive parents the perfect environment to beat their children, and because of not having A proper education end up doing drugs, and alcohol. They will also be required to follow state-issued syllabi and curricula. By signing up, you'll get thousands of step-by-step solutions to your homework questions. This is the ultimate reason for home schooling being restricted as close to being fully illegal as can be. This body of government is responsible for ensuring all students in Sweden have access to high-quality education regardless of where they live in Sweden. The worst part is that the present Swedish Government actually used this democratic weakness. The rule of thumb is that you need to keep to similar colors (as was before) if the building is within city bounds. Home schooling should be illegal. The Swedish system was an experimental model for the European Union prior to Sweden's easy assimilation into the EU as a member-state; Homeschooling was declared illegal in Spain in December 2010, mainly because there is no language in the Spanish constitution that permits it. In Sweden, home-schooling has been illegal since 2010, except under "extraordinary circumstances" such as student ill health or travel. They are now dealing with professionals who are organising. Sweden and Finland have made crate training illegal and they are only to be used for transportation, dog shows, and during exceptional cases when the dog is recovering after a surgery or trauma. Others in parliament supported us though mostly abstained rather than say 'No' and incur their Party's wrath. Even the Swedish Supreme Court’s advisory council, which examines proposed laws, attacked the new education act with 77 pages of “devastating” criticism, saying the “exceptional circumstances” requirement for home schooling was too vague, among other problems. Illegal, public education is mandatory without known exceptions. Homeschooling has been illegal in Germany since 1919. The group wrote a 228-page report for the Ministry of Education, lobbied members of Parliament, worked with the media, and tried unsuccessfully to meet with the Education Minister.